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Midwifery Care

As midwives, we offer the same care schedule you would receive with an OBGYN. The difference is we only serve low-risk women. This allows us to have more one-on-one time with you. Our goal is to educate you throughout your prenatal care and birthing experience so you can make the right CHOICES for you. We offer the same lab work, sonograms, and comprehensive prenatal care. We hope to make this an experience in which you and your baby are the most memorable part. Birth is a normal, natural process and we are simply there to guide you and keep your safety first.

“When we as a society begin to value mothers as the givers and supporters of life, then we will see social change in ways that matter.” Ina May Gaskin
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Birth Choices


Women have options. Choosing your place of birth consists of several different factors. Some things to consider are living situations, transportation, environment, location of closest hospital, etc. 

Home Birth


Many people don’t fully understand what it means to give birth at home. Some wonder if it’s safe and what would happen if there is an emergency. These are great questions!


As midwives, our job is to constantly assess a woman through her pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. If any problems arise during the pregnancy, we would consult with an Ob/Gyn or transfer care, if needed, to the closest hospital if there are any abnormal signs during labor.


That being said, the standard of care with a licensed midwife is special. A relationship is established between us. We know what you desire during your birth and there is no need to advocate for your rights because they are understood up front. When labor begins, your midwife will arrive and make initial assessments of you and the baby. If it is true labor, then all of the equipment needed for birth will be set up.


The midwife, per Florida law, carries emergency equipment and medications. We are never left in a situation without a way to assist a mother and her baby. If there are any questions about the equipment and medications, please feel free to ask about them.Your midwife will stay a minimum of two hours after the birth at home and will also help establish good breastfeeding. A complete newborn physical examination is conducted at the home after the birth.


We offer Homebirth Services in St. Augustine, Orange Park, Jacksonville, Palm Coast, Ormond and Palatka.  

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